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AM 74

Fully auto­ma­tic machine for tip­ping shoelaces with Ace­tate-Film, Metal and T-film.

1200 Shoelaces / hour

Shoelace length:
0.14 m - 1.80 m

1000 kg

Qua­li­tät “made in Ger­many”

3 years war­ranty

Glo­bal dis­tri­bu­tion

Spe­cial use-cases

All types of shoelaces can be pro­du­ced with the AM-74: round or flat, made of cot­ton or syn­the­tic fibres. Moreo­ver, the AM 74 allows tip­ping cords as short as 14 cm, which is par­ti­cu­larly important for T-cords used in paper car­rier bags. By using spe­cial steps, the machine is capa­ble of tip­ping ela­s­tic bands with great length-accu­racy.

The AM 74 tips with acid-film and metal.

Inter­ch­an­geable Die-Boxes

The tip­ping of shoelaces is done by dies, which wrap the ace­tate-film around the shoelace, com­press ever­y­thing under high pres­sure, and cut. Depen­ding on the thic­k­ness of the shoelace, dif­fe­rent sizes of dies are nee­ded.

In our machine, the com­plete die-box with the dies inside can be chan­ged. This is not only a signi­fi­cant time and cost advan­tage but also greatly redu­ces the wear of the die.

Our die-boxes and dies are iden­ti­cal with those of the com­pany ARTOS and can con­se­quently be inter­ch­an­ged.


The touch­screen allows for user-fri­endly adjus­t­ment of all essen­tial set­tings: The cord length, pro­duc­tion speed and more. Addi­tio­nally, all move­ments can be manu­ally exe­cu­ted during setup.