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Our machi­nes are known for their dura­bi­lity and can be used for many deca­des with the right main­ten­ance. Our qua­li­fied tech­ni­ci­ans pro­vide on-site ser­vice world­wide.


Regu­lar main­ten­ance and dura­bi­lity go hand in hand. Using pre­dic­tive main­ten­ance, we can detect pro­blems early and ensure that your pro­duc­tion runs unin­ter­rupted.

World­wide Ser­vice

Our machi­nes are used for pro­du­cing shoelaces in over 100 count­ries. We pro­vide on-site ser­vice glo­bally at your loca­tion.


Break­downs hap­pen at the worst pos­si­ble times. We make sure that your pro­duc­tion down­time is mini­mi­zed and we are available for short-notice repairs.


Regu­lar trai­ning increa­ses effi­ci­ency and pre­vents ope­ra­tor errors. We pro­vide online or on-site trai­ning for your staff.


We upgrade older models to modern stan­dards such as Indus­try 4.0 for you.