Fully - Automatic
T -Lace Tipping Machine
AM 75 - T- Lace

The fully automatic T - Lace tipping machine AM 75 - T - Lace                                       VIDEO   AM 75
the machine is similar to our  fully-automatic tipping machine AM 75.

Produktionspeed:    6.600 laces per hour

Guarantee:          2 years        

length of laces:    0,36 m - 2,40 m (AM 75)

Cross Weight:       1.100 KG 
Country of Origin:  Germany

exchangeable die - boxes:

interchangable with Artos dies and die - boxes

BIG FOTO of the Machine

fully-automatic T - Lace Tipping Machine AM 75 - T - Lace

produces T - Laces for paper-hand-bags.

The T - Lace
is manufactured with the use of     T - Tape

The mechanic T -Tape Transport
Our machine works with a mechanic T-Tape transport instead of a sensor with servo-motor.
By this way we are able to bring the T-Tape always into the right position to be cut, and this also at high
quantities and high production speed. This is a very big advantage of our machine.

T - Tape:
The production of T-Laces is done with the use of our T-Tape.
The pre-punched acetate - tape is used in connection with acetone, heat and
high preassure

Fully - Automatic
T - Lace Tipping Machine AM 75

Two Years Garantee:
The machine has a garantee of two years which points out the very high quality of this machine.
All over the world lace manufacturer work with this machine. 

Weight: 1.100 KG:
The machine has a weight of  1.100 KG. This is necessary and very helpful because during the production a lot of vibrations arise. The frog which wrapps the lace arround the four prong spiders moves sideward
up to 2,40 m while it is turning its direction up to twice a second. As well twice a second the die-box is pressed together to form the end of the lace and to cut it.
The big weight of 1.100 kg is very helpful and necessary to absorb the arising vabrations.

Lenght of Laces: up to 2,40 m:
The machine AM 75 is able to manufacture laces up to a length of  2,40 m.
Exchangeable Die - Boxes:
The tipping of shoe-laces is done by dies, which wrap the foil arround the lace, press together both (lace and tape) under high pressure and cut. According to the thickness of the lace, different sizes of dies are
needed. The exchange of dies in the die-box, which is always necessary if you change form thinn laces to thick laces, will need approximate one hour. 

On our machine AM 75 the complete die-box can 
be exchanged within 5 minutes.
You take off the die-box with the thinn die and replace the die-box with the thick die: this will take five minutes max.
This is not only a big win of time, which always means less costs. It is always a big advantage to protect the dies. Each exchange of dies must be done very carefully so that the dies will not damaged.

All Shafts run in Bearings:
The main shafts like the driving shaft have a diameter of 45 mm and 40 mm. The power is transfered by double - chains 
and a 1,5 PS - motor, while all shafts of the machine run in bearings.

The Teeth-bar and the Toothed Wheel have 
Modul 4:
The transfer-carrier (Frog) runs with bearings on harden and polished Steel:
The machine AM 75 produces up to 6.600 laces per hour. This means, the machine must bring the lace up to 6.600 times per hour, approximate twice per second, from the left to the right four prong spider, where the lace is measured and wrapped arround. 
If the lace has a length of  1 m for example, the transfer-carrier (the frog) runs in a second from the right turning point to the left and back again. 
This movement from right to left and back again with a speed of 2 m per second is done by a teeth-bar and a toothed wheel. In our machine they are very strong and have a modul 4.
The transfer-carrier (the frog) who runs left and right and carries the endless lace, runs with four bearings on harden and polished steel, nearly without any play. The steel is grinted very exactly.
Adjustment of the Fingers and their Pre-opening:
The machine catchs the lace with "fingers", guides it into the die-box, holds them while the tipping and at the end lays the laces into the collecting hooks.
Elastic laces have high tension and escape from the fingers. Because of this they cannot be layed into the collecting hooks. 
Our machine has a special construction which allows to adjust the fingers exactly to the thickness of the lace. More than this the construction opens the fingers in two steps:
The first step is the pre-opening which opens the fingers only a little. This "little" can be adjusted and will be exactly so much that the tension of the lace can escape, but the lace itself remains between the fingers.
In the second step, when the lace does not have further tension, the fingers open complete. Now the lace falls without problems into the collecting hook.

The machine has two counters: One counts the quantity of laces which should be filled into one collecting hook. After this quantity is reached, the collecting hooks are turned. The second counts the quantity of filled collecting hooks. After having reached the pre-choosed quantity, the machine will stop.

The acetonepump can be adjusted and pumps always exactly the required and adjusted quantity of acetone to the lace.

Protection and CE-Sign:
Securityswitches: The machine is nearly complete protected against exidents and pocesses the CE-sign for security. A lot of security switches improve the safety of the machine.

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