Fully - Automatic 
Paraffin Waxing Machine

Laces are sheeted with Paraffin and
MOCCASIN - Yarns and Cords are used to sew shoes and soles.
The wax makes them water-repellent and helps for an easier sewing.

The machine works fully-automatically:
The braided cord or the yarn is taken out of a barrel or from a spool,
pulled through hot wax, cleaned, polished and winded up on a spools.

Cotton yarns and cords could be used as well as synthetics.

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Speed:      10 - 60 m / minute

Hot Bath:
The hot bath is filled with wax and rollers to guide the cords. The temperature is
controlled by an electronic thermostate.
Cleaning Station:
After the bath the cord is full of wax. The first cleaning station after the bath has
to take away the wax which is too much. The cleaning station is also heated to
avoid that it will be filled with the wax it tooks away.
After the cleaning station the cord will be cold and the wax is hard now.
But the cleaning station works too rough. Now the cord must be polished so
that only the wanted wax remains on the cord.
The intensity of polishing could be adjusted very well so that you can adjust
exactly the quantity of wax that will remain on the cord.
Wind Up:
At the end the cord is winded up on spools. The machine can be adjusted for
all kinds of spools that are used for this kind of cords.
The cord is removed sidewards, the way and the speed can be adjusted.
The length of waxed cords or yarns is mesured and the wanted cm
per spool can be adjusted.  The machine stopps automatically when the
wanted cm are reached on the spool.

Weight:            600 KG 

400 cm x 120 cm x 125 cm 

Electric supply:  
400 Volts, 3 Phases, 50 Hertz 

Country of Origin: Germany
Guarantee:         2 years

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