Fully - Automatic
Machine to make Shoelaces water-repellent

Fully Automatic Machine to make
Shoe-Laces water-repellent  AM-HY

Weight:              1000 KG
Dimensions:          282 cm x 200 cm x 205 cm
Electric supply:     400 Volts, 3 Phases, 50 Hertz
Current Consumption: 8 - 20 KWh max.
Average speed:       0 - 40 m / min.
Country of Origin:   Germany

Guarantee:                                    2 years


The machine AM-HY produces fully-automatically 
water - repellent laces, round laces as well as flat laces, 
cotton laces as well as synthetic laces.
The  Lace is pulled through an emulsion, slipped off and afterwards dryed.
The machine fixed the emulsion on the lace at least by heat.
The German Institution of W.L. Gore & Associates, 
GORE-TEX, confirmed that our laces, manufactured 
on the machine AM-LÜ fullfill the GORE-Standard
for water - repellent laces.
After 200 Turnings our laces still suck no water. They 
measured the climbing of the water of 0,0 cm while the
GORE-Standard is 1,0 cm.
We prefer to use our liquid AM-hydro.
AM-hydro must be diluted with water.

The relationship between water and the liquid AM-hydro depends to the kind of laces as well as to the intensity of hydrophobite lace, the customer likes to produce.

Normaly the part of AM-hydro will be between 
3% and 10%.


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