ULTRASON - Tipping Machine

The semi-automatic Ultrason - Tipping machine
melts the synthetic laces by ULTRASON and cuts.

The base of this machine is identical to the semi-automatic
shoe-lace tipping machine AM 71.
But the ends of laces are not fixed my acetate-foil or
metal - tape, the synthetic laces are melt by ULTRASON and when
they cool down, they will be fixed.

Guaramtee:          2 years
length of laces:    8 cm to unlimited
Cross Weight:       400 KG 
Country of Origin:  Germany

Tipping:            ULTRASON

Samples of Laces, melted and
fixed by ULTRASON

The time of ULTRASON - melting and the frequenz as well as the power
can be adjusted.
All other movements of the machine will take over this change of
conditions automatically into the process.

On the machine AM 71- Ultra all kinds of shoe-laces could be manufactured: 
round and flat ones, but all made of synthetics.

Semi  - Automatic
ULTRASON Tipping Machine AM 71 - ULTRASON

Two Years Garantee:
The machine has a garantee of two years which points out the very high  quality of this machine.
All over the world shoe-lace manufacturer work with this machine. 

Lenght of Laces: 
The machine AM 71 - ULTRA  is able to manufacture laces from a length of 8 cm to unlimited.

The machine is able to melt and fix:
round synthetic laces up to 10 mm diameter
flat synthetic laces up to 25 mm width.

Pieces pes hour:
The machine produces max. 1.000 pieces per hour.
The real number of pieces depends to the speed of the worker,
the melting time and the cool down time.

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