Fully-Automatic Shoelace
Tipping, Winding and Banding Machine 

AM - AMET 2000
for Pairs of Shoelaces

All laces could be
manufactured in
one machine:

round laces as well as flat laces, 
40 cm long as well as 
200 cm long ones !

The Machine can work with 
foil and paper.
The machine works  fully-automatically:
Pairs of shoe-laces are pulled out
of a barrel or from a spool,  measured to the adjusted length 
in the digital counter, tipped with two separate die-boxes,
winded and banded to pairs of laces.
Big Foto of the Machine
Samples of packed 
pairs of laces
The tipping is done by dies and 
die-boxes according to the 
system of our 
fully-automatic tipping
machines AM 75 and AM 80. 
The big advantages:
- perfect tipps at the end of the 
- the foil is always cutted in 
   the middle. 
   This means the foil at the ends 
   of the laces have always the 
   same length.
- Diameters from 1,5 mm up 
   to 6 mm could be tipped 
   (measured in compressed 

Measuring of Length:
The lenght of laces is measured by a pneumatic 
construction, which holds and pulls the laces.
The lenght is adjustable at a digital counter 
from 40 cm up to 200 cm. 
Winding and Banding:
The packing is done in the same system as our 
semi-automatic machine AM- ET.
Pairs of round laces could be winded and banded 
as well as flat laces, all in one and the same machine. 
The machine could be adjusted for all lenghts of laces 
between 40 cm and 200 cm.

Size of Package:
The sizes of package could be adjusted up to 
(length x width x hight):
Standard:                    130 mm x 17 mm x 50 mm
Extra:                          130 mm x 30 mm x 50 mm 
                                   (bigger on request)

300 - 400 Pairs of Shoe-Laces per hour:
tipped, winded and banded
Weight:                          1200 KG
Air pressure:                   6 bar
Dimensions:                    400 cm x 200 cm x 205 cm
Guarantee:                      2 years 
Electric supply:               400 Volts, 3 Phases, 50 Hertz
Country of Origin:          Germany
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